Repowering –
a fresh breeze
for old wind farms

neowa GmbH designs, realises and operates
waste management facilities.

Dismantling and recycling – with neowa

The repowering of existing wind farms is the result of the consistent business development strategy pursued by neowa GmbH and, when considering our current portfolio, the next logical step. We at neowa GmbH have been actively involved in the professional recycling of rotor blades since 2015. Now, we are also offering our customers the opportunity to have all the steps in the wind turbine dismantling process managed by our company.

This is founded on the strength of our construction site operations. A multitude of assignments have allowed us to convincingly demonstrate our ability to perform – turning us into a reliable partner and service provider both in Germany and the European wind energy industry.

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and disposal

neowa will remain at your side
throughout the entire process

Changing locations

Would you like to use your existing site to achieve a higher energy yield from your wind farm? Our Repowering Division would be happy to support you and provide you with an individual solution for your wind farm. We offer tailor-made solutions, ranging from the dismantling process to raw materials concepts. 

Our comprehensive portfolio of support and advisory services covers all the steps involved – from professionally shutting down your wind turbines to dismantling them and shipping their individual components, to providing crane services, overhauling your old wind turbines and finally installing these at their new location!


  • Dismantling of your wind turbine
  • Dismantling of a damaged wind turbine in the aftermath of a fire
  • Shipment of the components
  • Management of the construction site
  • Support during the erection of the facility at the new destination
  • Coordination of the different trades involved

Crane services

  • Clarification of which areas are suitable for setting up a crane
  • Selection of the best crane company
  • Selection of the right crane under consideration of the respective technical and economic aspects


Transport logistics

  • Selection of the transport company
  • Transport of the dismantled wind turbines to the new location, incl. the respective permits and escort vehicles

Dismantling of the foundations

  • Demolition of the foundation structure
  • Professional disposal of the demolished materials
  • Backfilling
  • Recultivation


  • Professional disposal of the wind turbine assemblies
  • Recycling of the rotor blades by neowa and neocomp
  • Recycling of oils and grease
  • Recycling of the old transformers and transformer buildings

dismantling – in
(almost) any
weather conditions


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